St. Mary School – Painesville, Ohio

First Grade – 1955

Forty-nine children is quite a lot to handle for one teacher, Sister Mary Thelma.

Second Grade – 1956

First Communion dress, which was held in the gymnasium as the church was being replaced. Sister Mary Daniel.

Third Grade – 1957

Sister Mary Eugene.

Fourth Grade – 1958

The school had two classes for each grade. We lucked out and got Mrs. Beal instead of the feared Sister Mary Ann, the stereotypical nun with a yardstick.

Fifth Grade – 1959

We move upstairs as ‘upper classmen’. Sister Mary Edwardine.

Sixth Grade – 1960

At right in the second row is Miss Margaret Ryan, a noted taskmaster and a graduate of the school herself.

Seventh Grade – Boys – 1961

In the seventh grade the two classes were split into ‘Boys & Girls’. I made a bunch of new friends. Mr. Kostancic, at right in the second row.

Seventh Grade – Girls – 1961

Eighth Grade – Boys – 1962

Eighth Grade – Girls – 1962